We ask that you make it a priority to attend classes regularly, and be on time. Students arriving to class more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class. A proper warm up is required in all classes to help prevent injury to your dancer. 

Parent Viewing:
At Roseville Academy of Dance, we welcome parents to stay and view all classes. All viewing must be done from the parent viewing windows. Parents will not be allowed in the classroom during class time as it can become a distraction to our dancers. Occasionally we will invite parents in to do a show and tell performance.

Pick up and Drop off:
Please do not drop off your child more than ten minutes early, or pick up your dancer more than ten minutes late unless arrangements have been made with the studio. For their safety, dancers must stay at the dance studio under adult supervision while waiting for parents to arrive. To keep dance shoes, and flooring in good condition, please do not wear your dance shoes to and from dance class.

Bathroom Policy:
Parents of little ones, we ask that you or a designated adult of your choice be responsible for all your child’s restroom needs. Instructors will not be able to leave the classroom, and we believe this will maintain parents, instructors, and children’s comfort levels. The best choice is to have your child use the restroom before class begins.

Food and Drink:
We highly encourage dancers to bring water to class. Food and drink (besides water) is not permitted in the dance rooms. All food must be eaten in the lobby area, or at the table provided, and it is the responsibility of the dancer to clean up after themselves. Dancers are not allowed to chew gum in class.

At Roseville Academy of Dance, we pride ourselves in offering fun and exciting dance lessons in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. If a dancer or parent conducts themselves in a manner that is obscene, offensive, violent, aggressive, demeaning or disrespectful, we reserve the right to refuse service.